Are there any prohibited items?2017-11-16T08:54:31+01:00

All items which may be dangerous to oneself or others as indicated in Decree 112/2010 or the Sports Act (cans, metal objects etc….).

Can I bring my photographic camera to a concert?2017-11-16T08:54:12+01:00

Yes, if it is a compact camera. Reflex or video cameras are not allowed. Due to the high value of the material, it will not be safeguarded in the cloakroom.

Can I wear a sign?2017-11-16T08:53:53+01:00

Yes, as long as it is in accordance with the current regulations regarding the material and its contents (only signs with sticks made of flexible material and subject matter that is inoffensive and does not incite violence or xenophobia will be permitted).

Can I bring food inside?2017-11-16T08:53:33+01:00

You may bring food into the BEC but you should check that the conditions of the event you are attending (tickets, promoter’s website, posters…) allow you to bring food inside.

Can I bring drinks inside?2017-11-16T08:53:14+01:00

Yes, as long as the drink is non-alcoholic and in a plastic bottle under 50cl. For safety reasons, on entering the premises the bottle will be opened and the cap returned.

Is there a bar and catering service?2017-11-16T08:52:58+01:00

Yes, all our bars have food and drink.

Can alcoholic beverages be consumed during the shows?2017-11-16T08:52:40+01:00

Yes, if the show is not for children or sport. The sale and/or supply of alcoholic beverages to minors is prohibited.

Can you smoke on the premises?2017-11-16T08:52:21+01:00

The legal regulations do not allow smoking in enclosed venues

Is there a lost property service?2021-04-09T08:59:15+02:00

Any items found are kept until their owners come to collect them. You may ask by telephoning +34 94 404 00 00.

Is there an ATM on the premises?2017-11-16T08:51:46+01:00

There is a BBK teller in the central atrium.

Is there a medical service in attendance?2017-11-16T08:51:23+01:00

Bizkaia Arena has a fully equipped ambulance at each of its events.

Is there a cloakroom?2017-11-30T16:05:47+01:00

You may leave coats and bags in the cloakroom as long as this service is open for the event you are attending.

The cost of this service is €2.

To confirm that the cloakroom will be open, please telephone: +34 94 40 40 000

Are there baby-changing facilities?2017-11-16T08:50:34+01:00

There are adapted lavatories which have baby-changing facilities.

Can I bring my child’s pushchair into the show?2017-11-16T08:50:15+01:00

 Yes, but you must leave it in the cloakroom.

The price is €2 per object or item.

Can minors attend the shows?2017-11-16T08:49:51+01:00

As long as the show is appropriate and suitable for all audiences, children under the age of 16 may attend if accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian.

From which area do I need to purchase tickets if I am of reduced mobility?2017-11-16T08:49:32+01:00

Visit the sales channel to reserve seats for persons with reduced mobility. However, if the show does not require a special ticket type, a general entry ticket will be enough.

Where are the reduced mobility car parks?2017-11-16T08:49:14+01:00

Car parks for persons with reduced mobility closest to Bizkaia Arena can be found in the Orange Area of our car park, next to the lifts which will take you to the atrium. On the other hand, the closest car parks to the SALA CUBEC! are in the Blue Area of the car park, next to the lifts.

Access for persons with reduced mobility2017-11-16T08:48:53+01:00

Bizkaia Arena has lifts for gaining entry from the car park and to access the halls from the central atrium. The building is adapted for all purposes.

Can I change my seat during the show?2017-11-16T08:48:29+01:00

No, for safety reasons you must respect the seating capacity of each area and it is not possible to change your seat in the case of assigned seats or areas.

If I have purchased tickets on the day of the show and I am unable to attend the event, will I get my money back?2017-11-16T08:48:11+01:00

No, it is not possible to make changes or give refunds

What are the opening times of the ticket offices?2017-11-16T08:47:46+01:00

The ticket office timetables vary depending on the show.

Where can I collect my tickets?2017-11-16T08:47:17+01:00

At authorised points, please refer to the sales system where you purchased your tickets.

Can I buy tickets at the ticket office on the premises?2017-11-16T08:46:56+01:00

On the same day as the event, as long as there are tickets available, depending on the sales channel.

How do I get my ticket and how much is it?2017-11-16T08:46:28+01:00

Click on event, where you will receive more information on the procedure to follow.

If the show has already started, will they let me in?2017-11-16T08:45:28+01:00

Yes, you can still get in even though the event has already started.

You can enter the premises during the show by showing your ticket.

What time do the doors open before a show?2017-11-16T08:45:06+01:00

Every show has its own schedule, so do not hesitate to look at the event form or visit us at FacebookTwitter or email us at [email protected]

Which public transport can I use?2017-11-16T08:44:39+01:00

Bizkaia Arena is next to the Ansio station of Bilbao Metro which connects with the rest of the Bilbao metropolitan area and has links to other facilities of interest (airport, Renfe’s rail network, the Euskotren rail network, the tramways, Termibus…) and there is a taxi stand at its entrance (Radiotaxi telephone).

To go by public transport from BEC to the airport you should take metro Line 2 to San Mames, where you can take a Termibus coach which leaves every 30 minutes. There is also a taxi stand at the north entrance to the venue, which takes around 20 minutes and costs about €30.

Avoid awaiting payment for the car park with pre-pay2017-11-16T08:44:17+01:00

 Depending on the event, you will be able to pre-pay the car park at the machines for this purpose and avoid queuing up at the event exit.

4000 Parking spaces2017-11-16T08:43:42+01:00

The car park consists of three entrances (A, B and C) which will be opened according to visitor requirements.
The Orange area of the car park has the nearest exits to Bizkaia Arena. The Blue area, on the other hand, is nearest to the SALA CUBEC!
Remember the floor, colour of area and parking space number where you parked your vehicle.

Refer to the car park drawing

Is there WiFi?2019-11-19T16:38:31+01:00

Yes, visitors, exhibitors and other users of BEC can connect to the Internet free of charge from anywhere in the exhibition site. 

The service offers 9 hours connection each day at 512 K. Therefore, users requiring a service with greater capacity or for a longer time must contract it directly through the payments gateway.

To do so, the service requires basic registration details, or in other words, name, surname, mobile telephone and e-mail.

What number should I telephone in case of an emergency?2017-11-14T12:39:30+01:00

For general emergencies, dial 112.

Does the complex have parking facilities?2017-11-13T15:35:34+01:00

The Bilbao Exhibition Centre has indoor parking for 4000 vehicles.

Parking rates 2€ for the first hour, thereof 1.4€ hour, 15€ maximum for each 24 hours.

Check PREPAID or PAYMENT options that may exist in each of the events.

How do I get to the BEC?2017-11-13T15:33:55+01:00

Full information is available here.

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